Cássio Scofield

full-stack mobile developer and architect

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Hi, I’m Cássio Scofield, full-stack mobile developer and software architect, currently working as technical leader at PEBMED, a startup focused on mobile applications for healthcare professionals.

Throughout my career I had the experience of working on multiple projects ranging from banking and telecom, as a technical consultant for IBM, and from healthcare to manufacturing as mobile/IoT engineering researcher at GE, acquiring skills on web and mobile development, agile methodologies, prototyping, web-APIs and databases modeling, and UI design.

I’m a very curious and enthusiastic individual, always focused on learning new skills (technical and non-technical) to apply in my projects, trying to use the best technologies and techniques at hand to increase team productivity in day-to-day tasks, ensure collaboration and communication between teams, as well as delivering the best products and solutions to the customer.


Java JavaScript Node.js HTML5 CSS3 CSS3


MySQL MongoDB PostgreSQL Visual Studio Code Jenkins Docker


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